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Catering and Packaging

Catering and Packaging

If you have a passion for food, catering may be the perfect profession for you!!

For those not familiar with the catering profession and don’t know what packaging is required, come in and see our friendly staff and extensive range of food packaging, disposables and party-ware made from materials such as re useable plastic, wood, sugarcane etc. From a small gathering to a party for hundreds, we have all your hospitality needs here at Bakker and Glen.

Do you own a restaurant, café or maybe even a motel? Then we have all your hospitality needs for your business!! If we don’t have what your after, we’ll be sure to try our best to find it for you.

We’ve compiled a small list of a few things below, but rest assured there is plenty more in store.

Cake Boards & Boxes

Our cake boards range from a 6″ through to 15″ in both round and square.

Cake boxes range from 8” to 15″ in square only


Retail window bags are poly-lined for freshness and feature a window to showcase the contents. They’re ideal for dry foods like coffee beans, loose leaf tea, biscuits, and nuts, and can be sealed with a bar heater. Polylining is 100% BPA-free. The tin-tie bags can also be resealed with the tin-tie, and are offered in brown.


  • Poly-lined for freshness
  • Easy to seal with a bar heat-sealer
  • Free-standing when filled with product
  • BPA free


  • Keeps product fresher for longer
  • Flat-packed for easy storage

This is perfect for:

Coffee Beans, Tea Leaves, Biscuits, Nougat, Peanut Brittle, Hard Confectionary, Muffins, Nuts

Dimensions: 90x60x247mm
Dimensions: 246x115x72mm
Dimensions: 155x70x244mm


The window patisserie range features a large window to show off cakes, pastries and other bakery items. A light claycoat provides protection against grease. It is offered in white, and is ideal for branding.


Grazing Box’s

Grazing boxes are a fantastic idea for any occasions !! We have an assortment of grazing boxes for all your needs.

Extra small – 250 X 150 X 80mm
Small – 225 X 225 X 80
Medium – 359 X 252 X 80
Large – 558 X 252 X 80
Extra Large – 450 X 310 X 80

Rope Handle Bags

  • Use an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags
  • Choose from twisted handle in a wide range of sizes.
  • Reusable and recyclable
  • Made from virgin wood pulp
  • Available in brown kraft and white
BABY– 160 × 70 × 265 mm
SMALL-260 × 110 × 350 mm
MEDIUM-340 × 110 × 480 mm
LARGE-450 × 120 × 500 mm
EXTRA LARGE-450 × 160 × 400 mm

Petite Bags

These petite sized white carry bags with a twist handle are strong and sturdy. They are a perfect option for small items. Paper bags are recyclable, compostable and reusable.


Strong, easy to store, versatile applications, and fully recyclable


Petite size allows for packing smaller products, stands upright for easy filling, and available in a choice of colours to complement your brand

Bag size – 165 x 140 x 75

Small Gift Bags

These small gift bags are made of good quality brown kraft paper and are ideal for a range of smaller items like jewellery, confectionary and fashion accessories.


Flat base, easy to store, easy to stack, and a variety of colours available.


Can stand upright on counter for easy filling, ideal for sealing with stickers or labels, lower cost alternative than a handled bag, and can be pre-packaged and sealed.

Bag size – 165 x 88 x 47

Hot & Cold Food Packaging

We offer a wide range of greaseproof and non greaseproof brown and white paper bags for oily food product packaging. These paper bags are made from anti-grease and water-resistant Kraft paper to ensure the food loaded inside will not harm the paper bags that easy. These bags are used for all kinds of hot and cold food products such as fried foods, hamburger, salad rolls etc.
All our food packaging bags are made from food-grade Kraft paper.

Foil Lined Bags

Foil lined Bags provides excellent resistance to liquids, grease and moisture. Our foil lined paper bags have an inner lining of foil which helps maintain food temperature and freshness via heat retention. They provide an excellent barrier against oil or grease seeping through the packaging in turn leaving your customers with clean and dry hands.

Foil lined bags are perfect for BBQ chickens, hot chips, kebabs, souvlakia and many other foods offered by takeaway shops and fast food retailers.

Kraft Board Boxes & Trays

Put delicious food into your customers’ hands with sustainable kraft board boxes. You’ll find boxes for burgers, chips and hot dogs, plus snack and dinner boxes all of which your customers can happily recycle.

Regular Burger Box
Dimensions: 105 × 105 × 85 mm
Large Burger Box Dimensions: 110 × 110 × 105 mm
Regular Snack Box
Dimensions: 90 × 175 × 84 mm
Large Snack Box
Dimensions: 107 × 205 × 77 mm
Dinner Box
Dimensions: 160 × 178 × 80 mm
Family Box
Dimensions: 173 × 290 × 60 mm
Hotdog Box
Dimensions: 91 × 131 × 50 mm

Tray #1
Dimensions: 91 × 131 × 50 mm
Tray #3
Dimensions: 134 × 180 × 45 mm
Tray #4
Dimensions: 225 × 152 × 45 mm

Chip Cups

Dimensions: 45 × 70 × 90 mm
Hot Chip Cups 8oz “Deli Print” 50 Pack or box 1000
Hot Chip Cups 12oz “Deli Print” 50 Pack or box 1000
Scoop Cup 12oz sleeve 50 or box 1000
Chip Box Small 70x70x105mm Sleeve of 50 or box 500

Chip Box Large 90x90x135mm sleeve of 50 or box of 500

Snack Box

These Capri Snack Boxes are made from Ivory coated paperboard and suitable for hot grease contents, hot contents, chilled contents, mild grease contents. These snack bokes are perfect for Serves of Chicken & Chips, French Fries, Dim Sims, Fish & Chips, Calamari, Nuggets etc.

 Small Dimensions
178mm x 108mm x 57mm
Medium Dimensions
178mm x 108mm x 70mm
Large Dimensions
200mm x 120mm x 70mm

Hot Chicken Bags

Single wall and double wall coffee cups available in sizes 4oz through to 16oz.