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There is a wide range of chemicals available for all your cleaning needs. We don’t just cater for commercial cleaners, we also have a range of chemicals for your home, available in different sizes.

Our primary suppliers are Diversey Chemicals and Qualchem, we also obtain chemicals from Oates, John Hayes, Netra & Uropa

Diversey has now taken over Tasman Chemicals.

Diversey has come to be synonymous with quality and trust thanks to its  trusted history of providing leading hygiene, infection prevention and cleaning solutions that safeguard the future of the planet while also taking care of businesses, their customers, and their reputations.

Qualchem is a privately owned local business that was established in Bendigo in 1986. Their manufacturing plant has earned a reputation for producing premium quality cleaning products at a competitive price. Their professional sales staff, product developers and warehouse personnel are committed to ensuring their valued wholesale and retail clients are 100% happy with their products and services.

We also obtain chemicals from Oates John Hayes

A Safety Data Sheet or SDS contains safety and treatment information for each product.

These data sheets are available for all our products.


SUN is an advanced Cleaning, formulation contains biological food digesters which break down protein and remove tough baked on residues. Protein digester to remove baked-on foods such as lasagne, meat, egg and cheese. Starch digester to remove starch baked on foods such as potato, rise and dried on cereal. Oxygen bleach system helps remove stains whilst delivering a hygienically clean wash. Available in 3KG
ACTIV is a pale amber liquid based on a blend of heavy duty alkaline detergents
combined with soil suspending agents, corrosion inhibitors, and antiscaling components. .Available in 5L
AQUADET Dishwashing Liquid is a citrus based liquid detergent that is gentle on the hands but tough on grease when manually washing dishes. Ideal for any foodservice outlet and commercial kitchen.
Available in 1L, 5L & 15L
SHINE is a concentrated blend of heavy detergents and specialty solvents combined with water softeners and scale inhibitors to provide maximum cleaning efficiency in all types of glass washing machines. Available in 5L & 20L
GREASOL Heavy Duty Detergent is formulated to quickly remove grease, fat, dirt, protein and oil from a variety of surfaces and is particularly effective on food plants and kitchens when used as directed. Available in 5L & 15L
GRILL CLEAN is a heavy duty alkaline detergent used for cleaning ovens, hot plates, etc where heavy grease and carbon deposits are prevalent. Available in 5L & 15L
SUPRA RINSE is a moderately viscous liquid and contains ingredients which, when mixed with water at 60-90°C rapidly lowers the surface tension of water and prevents water from forming droplets on a surface. This product is equally effective in both soft and hard water as it contains a water softener and antiscaling agents. SUPRA RINSE is safe on all metals normally found in the construction of dish washing and glass washing machines. Available in 5L & 15L
SUPER RED is a heavy duty industrial foaming detergent formulated for the removal of fat, grease, soil, dirt, animal and vegetable oils, carbon and most industrial soils. Available in 5L
WHISK is a powerful, multi-purpose cream cleanser suitable for a variety of different hard surfaces. Whisk cleans grease, oil and grime without scratching. Cleans enamels, tiles, stainless steel and chrome plated surfaces. Will not corrode metal, leave odours, effect skin or clothing. Available in 1L & 5L
FREEDOM is a powerful cleaning agent and highly effective quaternary sanitiser offering maximum cleaning and sanitising performance in one convenient product. This versatile solution is ideal for use in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, schools, kitchens, and healthcare facilities. One of the key benefits of Freedom is its ability to clean and sanitise in one step. The powerful quaternary sanitiser in the solution helps to kill germs and bacteria on surfaces, while the cleaning agents work to remove dirt and grime. This helps to save time and effort by eliminating the need for separate cleaning and sanitising products. Freedom is also easy to use. Simply dilute the solution with water according to the instructions on the label, apply to the surface to be cleaned and sanitised, and allow to air dry. Available in 5L
FREEDOM RTU Sanitiser is a no rinse food grade sanitiser that can be used to clean and sanitise foodservice countertops. Freedom sanitiser can also be used as the final rinse after a standard wash cycle.
Available in 750ml & 5L
ULTIMATE is the ultimate solution to your dishwashing needs! Formulated with a heavy-duty, low-foaming formula, Ultimate 5L is specifically designed for use with automatic dishwashing machines. It is perfect for washing a wide range of items, including glassware, dishes, and food equipment. With this detergent, you can rest assured that all soils commonly found in industrial kitchens will be removed, leaving your tableware sparkling clean. Plus, its free rinsing properties mean that there will be no streaks, no stains, and no worries. Say goodbye to the frustration of stubborn stains and grime on your dishes for best results, we recommend using Ultimate in conjunction with SUPRA RINSE. Together, these two products provide the ultimate cleaning and rinsing solution for your automatic dishwashing needs. Available in 5L & 15L
POTS N PANS premuim super soft bio degradable detergent formulated for manual dishwashing cuts through greasy dishes with ease leaving dishes sparkling clean. Available in 5L & 20L
STAINLESS STEEL cleaner cleans and polishes. It’s a streak free foaming formula that removes fingerprints and grime and is
great for cleaning stainless steel, chrome or aluminium surfaces. Available in 400ml


VICTOR is a floor polish sealer based upon new high performance materials with innovative polymer technology.
VICTOR is recommended for sealing of vinyl, lino, rubber, cork, timber and all other floor surfaces where an easily maintained high gloss surface is required. Available in 5L
EXTRACTOKLEEN is a low foaming liquid detergent specifically formulated for use with carpet extraction equipment. Extractokleen is also suitable for use as a pre sprayer or spotting agent in the steam cleaning of carpets. Available in 5L & 15L
LOW SUDS is suitable for use on floors, walls, benches, tiles and most other surfaces. It will effectively clean all types of common food soils as well as cooking oils and motor oils and greases. It’s suitable for use on floors, walls, benches, tiles and is suitable for use in auto scrubbers and high-pressure washers.
Low Suds is a heavy duty highly concentrated, low foaming neutral detergent. Available in 15L only
GLEAM a polymer based hard wearing floor/sealer polish.
Dries to a high gloss non-slip finish. Available in 5L


BOWLINE is a highly concentrated citrus based all natural acid based cleaner for use as a cleaner and scale remover in bathrooms and toilets. BOWLINE is formulated on safe organic acids and non- ionic surfactants, a combination that has proven to be the least corrosive to all metal yet gives excellent performance. Available in 1L, 5L & 15Liter
HALO is one of the best window and shiny surface cleaners ever made. Fast dry means window and glass mirrors can be cleaned in half the time. No residue, smear-free, pleasant deodorising fragrance. Halo is Ideal for General Cleaning:
Porcelain Floors
Tabletops and benches
Mirrors and Glass Refrigerators
Desks and Chairs
Fixtures and Fittings Automotive
Chrome and Stainless Steel
Aluminium Window Frames
CLARITY is a clear blue liquid with a pleasant lavender fragrance. It is a dual action, hard surface and window cleaner. It combines a powerful blend of detergents and degreasing agents to easily cut through grease and dirt while leaving a streak-free finish. CLARITY, with its unique antibacterial action, will kill and remove dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella. Available in 750ml, 5L & 15L
SHEILD PINE is a powerful deodoriser with ‘pine’ fragrance. A commercial grade disinfectant which can be used safely on floors, walls, bench tops and washable surfaces. Available in 5L
ELIMIN8 is a general purpose spray which destroys odours and harmful bacteria. Designed for use in hospitals, motels, schools, restaurants etc to reduce the hazard of cross-infection by bacteria. Available in 400ml can

ENVIROCLEAN a unique blend of detergents and sanitiser combined with natural citrus solvents to produce a heavy duty cleaner sanitiser. It is also an excellent floor cleaner and sanitiser. ENVIROCLEAN meets the ACCORD “Recognised” Environmental Standard. ENVIROCLEAN can be used for a number of purposes from degreasing equipment, to dissolving cooking oils and baked grime from kitchen surfaces. Available in 5L & 15L
ORCHID is a dual-action deodoriser and cleaner that is a neutral detergent that contains specially formulated perfume oils with a high residual nature, which effectively masks obnoxious odours. It is safe to use on all washable surfaces and is compatible with floor finishes, making it a versatile cleaning solution for your space. Available in 5L
SHIELD CITRUS Kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 virus). Commercial grade disinfectant which can be used safely on floors, walls, bench tops, or any washable surfaces. Available in 5L
GOLD RUSH a versatile cleaning solution that comes in a highly concentrated, fragrance-free liquid form, suitable for various manual cleaning applications. It can effectively clean different surfaces, making it a valuable product for households and commercial settings alike. Gold Rush is user-friendly, making it easy to use and handle for anyone who requires a powerful and versatile cleaning solution. Available in 5L
FRESHA Urinal Blocks gradually dissolve and is long lasting for ongoing freshness in your toilets. Fresha Urinal Blocks are compressed perfumed paradichlorobenzene blocks suitable for use in toilets and urinals as an odour suppressant and air freshener.
Suitable for a range of toilets, these deodorant tablets help eliminate odours.
Biodegradable & Septic Safe.
Available in 4kg bucket
Designed to dissipate the urine from the surface as quickly as possible so it may be flushed away while reducing splash by up to 95%.
Uses liquid specific gravity technology to minimise splashes.
Not only freshens with a great fragrance but helps clean as well as eliminate malodours. Available individually & box 10
Fight unwanted odours in your bathroom with the Urinal Eco-Mat deodoriser. Removes the nasty unwanted smells that can build up in your bathrooms. The fresh Kiwi Grapefruit fragrance will help clean and eliminate odours for 30 days. Available individually & box 10
AEROGARD DEET 40% is our highest strength personal insect repellent. This Heavy duty, long lasting repellent provides up to 12 hours protection against mozzies in areas of intense insect activity mozzies in areas of intense insect activity. It also repels sandflies, leeches, marchflies, ticks and other biting insects.
SANIVAPOUR is suitable for all applications where a powerful cleaner sanitiser is required to destroy a wide range of bacteria and viruses as well as absorbing and destroying all unpleasant odours. It also destroys odours associated with the following: Rubbish bins, grease pits, drains, portable toilet systems, dog kennels, upholstery (cigarette smoke),
clothes though laundering through a washing machine. Available in 5L
SWEET LU is a high performance and exceedingly economical industrial strength automatic toilet bowl cleaner, deodoriser and sanitizer that has been used by professional cleaners for more than 20 years.
Keep your surfaces de-contaminated with these disinfectant surface wipes. These wipes are effective against 99.9% of bacteria allowing you to always maintain a high level of hygiene. These wipes are alcohol-free, quat-free and PHMB free reducing chemicals being introduced to surfaces where food would be placed. Also, these wipes are non-tainting, making them safe for food environments like commercial kitchens.
The tub contains 1000 wipes, ideal for use in busy commercial environments like food preparation areas, where a pristine environment is essential.
the perfect size soft pack of 75% alcohol wipes for ensuring clean environments wherever you are, with convenient plastic snap cap closure.
Kills 99.99% of germs
75% Ethanol (Alcohol)
Fragrance free
Household grade disinfectant
Moisture lock plastic snap closure
Pack/80 Wipes – 20 x 15cm


HEXA Antibacterial Hand Wash is an odourless hand cleaner designed for use in commercial foodservice outlets. Hexa is an active agent against pathogens including Salmonella and E.coli. Suitable for all food product and food preparation areas. Available in 800ml, 5L & 15L
PEARL has a pleasant floral fragrance. It combines mild detergents with unique moisturising and conditioning agents. Pearl has been designed as an “all over” body wash, shampoo and hand cleaner. It’s suitable for all amenities such as toilets, change rooms and showers, as well as retail outlets such as hair dressing salons.
PEARL can also be applied through most liquid soap dispensers. Available in 5L & 15L
TRU GRIT is a heavy duty hand cleaner to remove the toughest soiled hands while keeping your hands feeling soft and fresh.
This formulation of natural citrus oils is environmentally friendly with a pleasant citrus fragrance and will remove grease, oil, dirt, most paints & inks.
The antiseptic formula will leave hands feeling fresh and clean. Available in 500ML & 5L
PALMOLIVE Softwash antibacterial hand wash is specially formulated to kill germs on the hands yet remaining gentle enough for those with sensitive skin. Palmolive Softwash Antibacterial handwash is specially formulated to kill germs on hands. At the same time it’s gentle enough for the whole family. Available in 250ml


GENTLE is a tan coloured liquid with a pleasant eucalyptus fragrance. GENTLE produces outstanding detergency due to its highly efficient surfactant system and its soil suspension system. Available in 5L
STAIN AWAY – PRE SOAK has been specifically formulated for cleaning and whitening clothes, particularly children’s nappies. It’s a an effective bleaching agent and is suitable for use on a wide range of white and coloured fabrics. It is also suitable for use as a crockery destainer. Available in 2kg
SANI KLEEN is a free flowing white powder with a blend of surfactants, sequesterants and oxygen donating bleaching agents. It has a powerful sanitizing action.
SANIKLEEN has been formulated for cleaning and disinfecting laundry in food service, health care and any mixed load wash where disinfection is vital. Available in 10kg bucket & 25kg bag
BLUEWASH LIQUID is a clear, thick blue liquid combining a blend of powerful cleaning agents, detergents and specialty optical brighteners. BLUEWASH LIQUID ensures maximum cleaning performance on all soils encountered leaving fabrics clean and bright with a fresh residual fragrance. Available in 5L & 15L
BLUEWASH ensures maximum cleaning performance on all soils encountered leaving fabrics clean and bright with a fresh residual fragrance.
BLUEWASH is suitable for all types of washing machines, front and top loading.
Removes a wide range of household stains including grease, fat, blood, oil, dirt and perspiration.
Also suitable in industrial washing machines for use in on premise laundries such as nursing homes, motels and hotels. Available in 5kg bag, 25kg bag & 20kg bucket


LIQUID AMBER PT A – A free rinsing non-tainting liquid detergent suitable for use with all beer lines and beer pumping equipment. Rinses freely from cleaned surfaces, non corrosive at recommended dilution. Contains no wetting agent that could destroy the head of drawn beer. C.U.B. approved beer line cleaner when used with Liquid Amber Part B.
Suitable for Glass wash Machines.
A free rinsing non-tainting liquid sanitiser suitable for use with all beer lines and beer pumping equipment. Removes all traces of bacteria and impurities and rinses freely from cleaned surfaces. Non corrosive at recommended dilution. Contains no wetting agent that could destroy the head of drawn beer.
C.U.B. approved beer line cleaner when used with Liquid Amber Part A.
Suitable for Glass wash Machines.
VEHICLE & EQUIPMENT WASH is highly concentrated opaque green liquid detergent based on a blend of mild surfactants, soil suspending agents and corrosion inhibitors. It is safe on all metals and painted surfaces and is extremely free rinsing and streak free even if allowed to dry on the surface.